Biography Craig BROWN Ma’am Darling
Robin GREEN The Only Girl
Ruby LAL Empress
NdabaMANDELA Going to the Mountain
Maggie O’Farrell I am, I am, I am
Christine WATSON The Language of Kindness
Nina CAPLAN The Wandering Vine
Suzy FINCHAM-GRAY My Patients and Other Animals
John HEMMINGWAY In Full Flight
Coretta S. KING Coretta, My Life
Laura SHAPIRO What she Ate
Non-Fict. Bobby DUFFY The Perils of Perception
Thor HANSSON The Nature and Necessity of Bees
Helen SCALES The Eye of the Shoal
Paul FRENCH City of Devils
David CHRISTIAN Origin Story, a History of Everything
Lynn MURPHY The Prodigal Tongue
Jordan B. PETERSON 12 Rules for Life, an Antidote to Chaos
Lucy COOKE The Unexpected Truth about Animals
Fiction Tahar BEN JALLOUN Leave Tangiers
Patrick de WITT French Exit
Matt DUNN At the Wedding
Barbara ERSKINE The Ghost Tree
Mike GAYLE The Man I Think I Know
Paula HAWKINS Into the Water
Khaled HOSSEINI Sea Prayer
Tayari JONES An American Marriage
Rebecca MAKKAI The Great Believers
Andrew MILLER Now We Shall Be Entirely Free
Santa MONTEFIORE Temptation of Gracie
Sarah MORGAN How to Keep a Secret
Kate MORTON The Clock Maker’s Daughter
Kate MOSS The Burning Chambers
Lucinda RILEY The Love Letter
William TREVOR Last Stories
Anne TYLER Clock Dance
Nora van den BORG The Third Hotel
Rachel CUSK Kudos
Gael FAYE Small Country
J.Z. JOUKHADAR The Map of Salt and Stars
Min Jin LEE Free Food for Millionaires
Sheila O’FLANAGAN What Happened that Night
Michael ONDAATJE Warlight
Tom RACHMAN The Italian Teacher
Domenico STARNONE Trick
J.C. SULLIVAN Saints for all Occasions
Fiona VALPY Sea of Memories
Salley VICKERS The Librarian
Crime Lisa BALLANTYNE The Guilty One
Alan BRADLEY The Grave’s a Fine and Private Place
Andrea Camilleri Death at Sea
Charles CUMMING The Man Between
Will DEAN Dark Pines
Sophie HANNAH The Mystery of Three Quarters
Mick HERRON London Rules
Asma Z. KHAN The Language of Secrets
Daniel SILVA The Other Woman
A. McCALL SMITH The Colours of All the Cattle
B.CLINTON/JPATTERSON The President is Missing
Andrea CAMILLERI The Pyramid of Mud
Eva DOLAN This is how it ends
Ragnar KORYTA How it Happened
Michael JONASSON The Darkness
Donna LEON The Temptation of Forgiveness
Jordi LLOBREGAT The Secret of Vesalius
Michelle MCNAMARA I’ll be Gone in the Dark
Gerald Seymour A Damned Serious Business
Daniel SILVA House of Spies
Tim WINTON The Shepherd’s Hut
True Crime Paul COLLINS Blood and Ivy
Junior Sarah JANE Maiden Voyage
Ed VERE How to be a Lion
Alex BELLOS Football School Season 1&2
Steve ANTONY Unplugged