Biography Merve EMRE What’s Your Type
Ben MACINTYRE The Spy and the Traitor
Michelle OBAMA Becoming
Tina TURNER My Love Story
Dalai LAMA The Book of Joy
KASHNER/SCHOENBERG The Fabulous Bouvier Sisters
Stephen HAWKING Brief Answers to the Big Questions
Cathy NEWMAN Bloody Brilliant Women
Raynor WINN The Salt Path
Annejet ZIJL Am American Princess
Edith EGER The Choice
Non-Fict. Yuval N. HARARI 21 Lessons for the 21st Century
Michael KINCH Between Hope and Fear
Adrian TINNISWOODE Behind the Throne
Carl ZIMMER She has her Mother’s Laugh
John ZUBRZYCKI Empire of Entchantment
Giles WHITELL Snow
Mathhew KNEALE Rome, a History in Seven Sackings
Simon S. MONTEFIORE Written in History
Lucy INGLIS Milk of Paradise, a History of Opium
Lalage SNOW War Gardens
Michael Palin The Story of a Ship
Fiction Kate ATKINSON Transcription
Fredrik BACHMAN A Man Called Ove
Anna BURNS Milkman
William F. HERMANS The Untouched House
Barbara KINGSOLVER Unsheltered
Kevin KWAN Crazy Rich Asians
Jill MANSELL This Could Change Everything
Sue MOORCROFT One Summer in Italy
Hariri MURAKAMI Killing Commendatore
Tommy ORANGE There Therre
Adele PARKS I Invited Her in
Jodi PICOULT A Spark of Light
David SZALAY Turbulence
Lucinda RILEY The Moon’s Sister
Sarah PERRY Melm oth
Sally ROONEY Conversations with Friends
Sally ROONEY Normal People
Jonathon COE Middle England
Pat BARKER The Silence of the Girls
Lars MYTHING The Sixteen Trees of the Somme
Mathias ENARD Tell them of Battles, Kings and Elephants
Samuel PARK The Caregiver
Guy GUNARAIN In Our Mad and Furious City
Ruth P. Jhabvala At the End of the Century
Ruth HOGAN The Wisdom of Sally Red Shoes
Josie SILVER One Day in December
Keith STUART Days of Wonder
Matt HAIG The Humans
Crime Lee CHILD Past Tense
Ann CLEEVES Wild Fire
Michael CONNELLY Dark Secret Night
Robert GALBRAITH Lethal White
John GRISHAM The Reckoning
Anthony HOROWITZ Forever and a Day
Cara HUNTER Close to Home
Henry PORTER Firefly
Ian RANKIN In a House of Flies
Stella RIMINGTON The Moscow Sleepers
C.J.SAMSON Tombland
Belinda BAUER Snap
Andrew TAYLOR The Fire Court
Khurrum RAHMAN East of Hounslow
Sara PARETSKY The Shell Game
Sara GRAN The Infinite Blacktop
Jussi ALDER-OLSON The Scarred Woman
Keigo HIGASHINO Malice
Tara I. BURTON Social Creature
Delia OWENS Where Crawdads Sing
True Crime Sarah WEINMAN The Real Lolita
Junior E.& T. KELLY Universe
Chae STRATHIE So you Think you’ve Got it Bad