Biography Diana ATHILL Alive, Alive, Oh
Jeff HIMMELMAN Yours in Truth
Adam KAY This is Going to Hurt
John le CARRÉ Pigeon Tunnel (request)
Penelope LIVELY Life in the Garden
Robert McCRUM Every Thired Thought (request)
Nicola TALLIS Elizabeth’s Rival
Stephen WESTABY Fragile Lives (request)
Dave EGGERS the Monk of Mokha
History Laura SPINNEY Pale Rider
Economy Robert PRESTON WTF
Medicine Matthew WALKER Why we Sleep
Sociology POLLOCK/VAN REKEN Third Culture Kids
Fiction Isabel ALLENDE In the Midst of Winter
Jenny COLGAN The Endless Beach
Joanne HARRIS A Pocketful of Crows
Jennifer JOHNSTON The Captains and the Kings
Stephen KING 11/22/63 (request)
Lorenzo MARONE The Temptation to be Happy
Jojo MOYES Still me
Lucy TRELOAR Salt Creek
Crime A.-J. FINN The Woman in the Window
Elly GRIFFITHS The Vanishing Box
Camilla LACKBERG The Girl in the Woods
Peter LOVESEY Beau Death
Peter MAY I’ll Keep you Safe
Deon MEYER Fever
Abir MUKHERJEE A Necessary Evil
Hakan NESSER The Darkest Day
Emma NISIK Resurrection Bay
Scott TUROW Testimony (request)
Sarah VAUGHAN Anatomy of a Scandal
Don WINSLOW The Force
Junior Elena FAVILLI Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls
Tom FLETCHER The Creakers
Diana W. JAMES Charmed Life
E.L. KONIGSBURG From the Mixed up File
Lincoln PIERCE Big Nate
Ron RAY Quicksand Question