Biography Cate HASTE Passionate Spirit: The Life of Alma Mahler
Angela GALLOP When the Dogs Don’t Bark
Virginia NICHOLSON How Was it for You
Annejet van der ZIJL The Boys Between Worlds
Matthew PARRIS Parting Shots (requested replacement)
Aeham AHMAD The Pianist
Melinda GATES The Moment of Lift
Non-Fict. Mike THOMSON Syria’s Secret Library
Tim MARSHALL Prisoners  of Geography
Anonymous The Secret Barrister
HÉNAUT/MITCHELL A Bite-Sized History of France
Rose TREMAIN Scenes from a Vanished Life
Kate SPICER Lost Dog
Ruby WAX How to be Human
Bee WILSON The Way We Eat Now
Lars WYTTING Norwegian Wood
Fiction John BOYNE Ladder to the Sky
Santa MONTEFIORE The Secret Hours
Naomi WOOD The Hiding Game
Deborah MOGGACH The Carer
Milly JOHNSON The Magnificent Mrs Mayhew
Patrick McGUINNESS Throw me to the Wolves
Fernando ARAMBURU Homeland
Rosanna LEY The Lemon Tree Hotel
Clare LOMBARDO The most Fun We Ever Had
Elizabeth GILBERT City of Girls
Clare CLARK In the Full Light of the Sun
Robert MENASSE The Capital
Annie PROULX Barkskins (request)
Rebecca MAKKAI The Hundred Year House (request)
Andrew TAYLOR The King’s Evil (request)
Nick ALEXANDER You Then, Me Now
Margaret ATWOOD The Handmaid’s Tale (replacement)
William BOYD Love is Blind
Diana EVANS Ordinary People
Kate FURNIVALL The Survivors
Joana GREY The Glittering Hour
Tessa HADLEY Late in the Day
Isabella HAMAD The Parisian
Joanne HARRIS The Strawberry Thief
Victoria HISLOP Those who are Loved
Sally HEPWORTH The Mother-in-Law
Ruth HOGAN Queenie Malone’s Paradise
Rebecca MAKKAI Music for Wartime
A.J. PEARCE Dear Mrs Brice
Lucinda RILEY The Butterfly Room
Richard POWER The Overstory
Nina STIBBE Reasons to be Cheerful
Samantha SHANNON The Priory of the Orange Tree
Sofia SEGOVIA The Murmur of Bees
Leila SLIMANI Lullaby
Christian WHITE The Nowhere Child
Crime Kate ATKINSON Big Sky
Alex MICHAELIDES The Silent Patient
Anthony QUINN Our Friends in Berlin
Adam LEBOR District VIII (Danube Blues)
Gary BELL Beyond Reasonable Doubt
Sarah HILARY Never Be Broken
Alex NORTH The Whisper Man
Lesley PEARSE You’ll Never See Me Again
Peter MAY The Man with No Face
Robert CRAIS A Dangerous Man
Jo NESBO Knife
Harlan COBEN Runaway
Jane HARPER The Lost Man
Sophie HANNAH The Next to Die
Elizabeth MCNEAL The Doll Factory
Liane MORIARTY Nine Perfect Strangers
Abir MUKHERJEE A Necessary Evil
Soren SVEISTRUP The Chestnut Man
Fred VARGAS The Poison Will Remain
Martin WALKER The Body in the Castle Well
True Crime JOE MCGINNIS Fatal Vision
Junior Jacqueline HARVEY Kensu and Max (No 1&2)
Jeff KINNEY Diary of Greg Heffley’s Best Friend
David WALLIAMS Billionnaire Boy